About Frequency-Radio..

It all started back in 2012 i thought to myself i would give it ago,so i

started my own online internet radio station called Roughneck Radio which at the time i was in contact with a few Dj's from a previous online radio station i played on so

i asked them if they would like join the station which they did.After a few years of running Roughneck Radio we did get very popular with Dj's doing there shows each week,

our main genre would be drum & bass and jungle also some early nineties rave and hardcore.It got to a point in which i did have some time out then decided to come back

with a different name Frequency-radio then the station would last a few more years,So at this present time i have decided to bring it back because of the demand from a lot

of our regulars who miss the vibe and good banter.So here we are Frequency-radio returns...2020 !